Regulations for the application of Fundefir’s volunteers.

  1. Must be over 21 years of age.
  2. Available for people who hold a technical degree, university degree, Tesis projects or university internship.
  3. For volunteers who travel to another countrie, you should:
    • Spend at least three months in volunteering
    • Possess basic knowledge of the language of the selected country.
    • Willing to work in remote areas of different socio-economic and educational levels.
    • Have a valid passport.

4. If you meet the requirements, click here to fill out the application form.

Frequent questions

What kind of skills are required to apply?

There are opportunities for professionals and students in: Computer science, economics, finance, sociology, anthropology, human rights, international studies, ecological studies, languages, marketing, social communication or journalism, psychology, web and media managers, education, etc.

What activities do Fundefir’s volunteers do?

Depending on the skills of the volunteer and his / her professional training, they may include various activities:

  • Fieldwork with vulnerable communities.
  • Elaboration and design of social projects, reports, methodologies and processes.
  • Financial, economic and social studies.
  • Studies and impact measurement.
  • Translations to different languages.
  • Design of projects to improve the quality of life for communities.
  • Design of new technologies for social development.
  • Design of communication strategies
  • Marketing

Can I be a Volunteer without having to travel?

Yes, depending on your skills you can contribute remotely in various studies, software development projects, translations, graphic design, etc.

Can I choose the country I want to travel to?

Fundefir will do its best to locate the volunteers in the country of preference, however, this will depend on the availability of the projects at the time of application and the skills of the selected volunteer.

What personal expenses will Fundefir cover for Volunteers?

That will depend on the country and city where the volunteer goes, however, Fundefir will make every effort to support with housing costs.

What kind of certificate do you get at the end of Volunteering?

All volunteers who complete the designated time will receive a certificate from Fundefir International, as well as have a permanent place in our volunteer section of our website.